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The easiest way to gift food to friends.

gift food to friends

From a morning coffee coffee to a late night pizza coffee pizza

The "thank you thankyou "

When your neighbor looked after your place
when you were away, treat their next coffee.


The "let's meet up, for real meetup "

When you've put off meeting a friend for six months, drop the first round of drinks in their wallet.

The "sorry, I'm running late running late "

When you're running late for that 7PM reservation, send your table a bottle of wine.

running late

The "I'm thinking
of you thinking "

When they're working late again, pay for their evening takeout.

The "Happy Birthday birthday "

When you're tired of sending another emoji
birthday text, pre-pay their next cupcake.



Connecting the world through food.



Connecting the world through food.

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