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Why Now

Human Connection

Dailyhuman was born during a global pandemic when the world craved human connection.

Inspired by the generosity that fed essential workers and kept restaurants alive, we imagined a world where acts of appreciation aren't limited to times of crisis or annual events like birthdays.

The technology to help us maintain authentic social connections hasn't kept pace.

Billions of people use social media, but the interactions are often fleeting, transactional, and superficial, leaving us disconnected and overwhelmed..

Social Connection
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For consumers, we're building the technology and tools to help the world express in-the-moment appreciation. Gratitude is a universal human need and we aim to elevate the human experience of our family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors.


For brands, we offer subscriptions to our proprietary Global Taste Index. Our dataset helps restaurants and CPG brands anticipate food preferences, curate offerings, and connect with customers.



Together, we're starting a conversation about gratitude

Gratitude, but we digress

"Gratitude, but we digress" is a lighthearted, weekly podcast that taps into every facet of gratitude. Each episode explores how humans show appreciation and includes a whole lot of digression! Raw, truthful, and unfiltered, Dailyhuman's very own, Zi and Trinh, share diverse stories from diverse humans.

Practicing gratitude across cultures, a Lunar New Year special

In Episode 2, Trinh and Zi pick up where they left off, discussing their morning drink of choice before digressing to memories of the Lunar New Year and how these celebrations are really about celebrating gratitude. We also discover Zi's top two love languages and her realization that she craves 'words of affirmation.' The duo ends up where they left off, discussing their views on ego and savior mentality.

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Lunar New Year
Education Industry
Gratitude in the Education Industry with Karen H. Nelson

In episode 8, we dive into guest Karen Nelson's experience as a school counselor in China, her global travel experiences, and how as a society, we can work towards a better understanding of people with cognitive disabilities. There's a lot of digression into cross-cultural notions of gratitude, particularly in Asian cultures.

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Gratitude and Radical Self Love with Taña Cooklin Cevallos

In this episode 10, the inspiring Taña Cooklin Cevallos advocates for body positivity through awareness, education, and inclusivity. Zi and Trinh unpack fat-phobia and fat-liberation. Taña gives tips on achieving body neutrality, why it's essential to unlearn toxic systemic ideals, and how gratitude and appreciation of our bodies can lead to radical self-love.

Where to listen:

Self Love
Overcome Fear
How gratitude can help you overcome fear and live a life of service with coach John Lynskey.

In this episode 12, Zi and Trinh uncover three tips to overcoming fear and moving towards acceptance and gratitude. We learn lessons of possessions and death from Alexander the Great. And results Coach John Lynskey talks about finding your purpose while cultivating a life of service and meaning.

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