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Silly Chilly Hotsauce

Silly Chilly Hotsauce brings together the freshest, handpicked ingredients sourced locally in New York and New Jersey from organic farmers to create one of the highest quality, vegan, gluten-free hot sauces. The company began selling jars with scrappy labels at local farmer’s markets. Today, hundreds of stores in the greater New York City area sell the company’s hot sauces, from the famous spice shop Kalustyan’s to neighborhood groceries like Foragers and Westerly.


Insights to prioritize the company's distribution efforts

Silly Chilly wanted to understand hot sauce trends in stores and restaurants outside of the New York and New Jersey metro areas. The company is interested in expanding its store and direct-to-consumer (D2C) distribution efforts. Dailyhuman is providing hot sauce, vegan, and gluten-free trend data to help the company identify focus areas for its distribution efforts. Next up, Dailyhuman is providing data to support Silly Chilly’s Amazon SEO and ranking optimization playbook.

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