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Deli Star

Deli Star Corp. is a family-owned producer of high quality cooked meats for the foodservice industry. Its product offerings include deli meats, rotisserie chicken, seared and sous-vide, clean-label meats, slow-cooked, smoked, braised meats, and sauces. The company ensures the highest level of food safety with a steam post-pasteurization process that does not rely on the use of preservatives. Deli Star is proud to work with meat suppliers who undergo thorough animal welfare auditing and follow handling standards as outlined by the National Chicken Council (NCC), the National Turkey Federation (NTF), and the North American Meat Institute (NAMI). 

Challenge and Insights

Informing distribution, curation, and marketing efforts

Deli Star Corp was interested in regional food trends and cooked meat offerings by individual restaurants and foodservice. Dailyhuman is providing data to understand trends across the US to inform the company’s ongoing distribution, curation, and marketing efforts.

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