We've raised $2.5M in funding to solve the $1T employee turnover and disengagement problem in the US.
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Hi, we're Dailyhuman

We're in private beta with workplaces across the United States to boost retention, performance, and overall wellbeing.

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Our Story

Dailyhuman was born during the global pandemic when people began to expect more from their employers. Instead of waiting for things to change, 30 million Americans quit their jobs. This turnover drove up expenses and eroded productivity and corporate memory.

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But it didn't have to be this way

Research shows that teams who forged strong bonds with one another saw lower levels of turnover and higher productivity.

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a new future of work

At Dailyhuman, we believe in a people-first culture where team members recognize one another and feel psychologically safe to innovate and challenge the status quo. We've turned peer recognition into a weekly game and into a lifelong practice that can enhance behavior, rewire and brain, and advance company culture.

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We're on a mission to help teams thrive